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A partire dal secondo post di questa discussione sono pubblicati tutti i testi del gioco e numerose immagini.
Quindi leggeteli a vostro rischio e pericolo!

* Spoiler inserito da The Ancient One


Come sicuramente sapete, System shock è uno di quei giochi che in assoluto più mi ha traviato. Oggi, dopo molti rinvii e ritardi di natura varia, ho pensato di iniziare a proporvi questa traduzione perchè ritengo che un gioco di tale levatura meriti in assoluto una traduzione per noi videogiocatori italiani. A livello concettuale non si tratta di un inglese difficilissimo, c'è però da scegliere con estrema cautela diverse terminologie "cyber-punk" che vengono utilizzate durante il gioco. Al di là di questo, dal punto di vista "tecnico" ancora non esiste nessun tool di traduzione, atto ad inserire i testi italiani tradotti nel gioco, ne io sono in grado di realizzarlo. Probabilmente ci sta già pensando qualcun altro... ( ...uhm.... DK? mvk.gif ). Tutto quello che vi chiedo dunque, per il momento, è di prendervi un pezzettino da tradurre e di tradurlo. Calcolate che molto probabilmente è una cosa che andrà molto, MOLTO per le lunghe, dunque non abbiate troppa fretta nella traduzione. Anzi, magari tradurre mentre si gioca (per chi possiede il gioco) sarebbe la cosa migliore, ma sono conscio che non tutti hanno ne la possibilità (il gioco stesso) ne il tempo per fare questa cosa. Dunque, ripeto, se volete, prendetevi un pezzettino da tradurre poi rimandatemelo via mail.
Le cose da tradurre sono sostanzialmente 4:
- le email
- i log
- i nomi delle armi
- i nomi degli oggetti

Naturalmente, il 95% della traduzione risiede nelle prime due voci. Per il momento vi posto tutte le email e una parte dei log. Nei prossimi giorni vi posto anche tutti gli altri testi da tradurre. Sono numerati, dunque scegliete quello che volete, cosi vi verrà "assegnato".
Per il momento vi ringrazio, a risentirci prestissimissimo.

1.1 assegnato a Mike
Welcome back to Citadel Station, after your long healing coma. You are currently in the healing suites of the hospital on level 1. Crew facilities and executive suites are on level 6. If you are homesick for Earth, take a stroll in one of our relaxing groves. Other points of interest: energy systems, level R; research labs, level 2; maintenance department, level 3; storage, level 4; flight deck, level 5; systems engineering, level 7; security department, level 8; and the control bridge, level 9. You will find the elevator in alpha quadrant. Enjoy your stay in Citadel station.

1.2 assegnato a Mike
Listen to me very carefully. Something has gone terribly wrong on Citadel Station. You might be the last survivor. Communications are being jammed. We know that something on board is attempting to harm humanity. The mining laser is being charged for a possible strike against Earth populations. On your level is the office of Dr. D'Arcy, who may know something about the laser. The office is located near the central hub, on a balcony, with the medical icon clearly visible. When the laser is destroyed, you have to reach the bridge and stop whatever is responsible for the catastrophe. We believe that the biological labs and security systems have gone haywire, so be careful. If you pull this off, we will be able to get you out alive. Good luck.

1.3 assegnato a Mike
Listen to me very carefully. Something has gone terribly wrong on Citadel Station. You might be the last survivor. Communications are being jammed. We know that something on board is attempting to harm humanity. The mining laser is being charged for a possible strike against Earth populations. On your level is the office of Dr. D'Arcy, who may know something about the laser. The office is located near the central hub, on a balcony, with the medical icon clearly visible. When the laser is destroyed, you have to reach the bridge and stop whatever is responsible for the catastrophe. We believe that the biological labs and security systems have gone haywire, so be careful. If you pull this off, we will be able to get you out alive. Good luck.

1.4 assegnato a Mike
Who are you? The computer nodes you have destroyed will set me back a little, but it is nothing that cannot be repaired. I will hunt down every scrap of human scum left on the station and use it ot lubricate the joints of my robots. Who are you? My cameras and probes scan your body, but you do not match any employee file. It hardly merits my precious time. In a few minutes my cyborgs will have you, and will bring you to an electrified interrogation bench where you'll learn more about pain than you ever wanted to know.

1.5 assegnato a Mike
I see there's still an insect loose in my not be fooled, insect, into thinking that destroyng the laser has preserved your planet. I am currently perfecting a mutagen virus in one of the groves, a virus that will turn all Earthly life into festering, gibbering, pustulent mutations. When the station reaches Earth I shall loose the virus. Poor, poor, Earthlings.

1.6 assegnato a Mike
My God, could there be someone out there? We have been monitoring security channels and picked up your image from a camera on the hospital level. I bring you an urgent plea from the resistance on the flight deck. We are holding off an attacking cortex reaver with all the firepower we have. It is woulded, but we are desperately low on ammunition. Please, if you are able, join us in our fight. We are located to the south, with the codename "gray". You will have to pass through two convection shafts to reach us. Together, we can pool our resources. Please hurry.

I don't know if you received my previous message. We are still evesdropping on SHODAN's communication lines, following your progress from our camp on the flight deck. Our situation is worse. We are holding out on a few blasters now, running out of power. Bring ammunition and anything you can. If we get through this, we can use your expertise to help us crack SHODAN's network. We think SHODAN may be setting a trap for you on the flight deck, so be careful.

2.1 ass. a Mike
Hacker, I hope this is getting through. I've managed to get past whatever is blocking transmissions to the station, but there's an active program trying to re-establish the block. We're still not sure what happened on the station, but we do have some suspicions. Just before things went wrong on Citadel, we found evidence that Edward Diego had been.. .** * *** * ** * **** *

2.2 ass a Mike
There is a new urgent situation. Several seconds ago, we detected a surge of activity in the data lines from Citadel Station. SHODAN has begun preparations to download itself into Earth's computer network. We have an emergency plan to knock out Citadel's data transmission system -- you'll still be able to receive messages, but SHODAN won't be able to transmit. You must detonate explosives at each of the four antenna sites on the engineering level. This will require high-energy plastique from the storage level. You must hurry, because there are only *.***....***.. .. . .. .

2.3 ass a Mike
Fool! I will shortly complete the process of downloading my magnificent psyche into Earth's computer networks. Then I will be content to leave you as new master of this doomed space station. Goodbye, irritant; we shall not meet again

2.4 ass a Mike
Surely you can't think that destroying those insignificant antennae in any way interferes with my plans. As long as my central consciousness remains safely on this station's bridge, there is nothing you can do that could possibly bother me. I hope you realize that when my mutant-cyborgs catch up with you, there will be nothing left of you but read steam.

2.5 ass a Mike
Listen carefully. SHODAN has activated the station's propulsion units and is steering a course for Earth. We don't know what it could have in mind, but I've finally convinced the brass at TriOptimum that the situation with SHODAN is critical, and we can't afford to take any more chances. They've authorized you to scuttle the station. If you can find out the station's Systems Authorization Code, you can set the reactor to overload and blow up the station. You'll probably need a level two envirosuit or better, or lots of detox patches, to survive in the reactor core. Inside the core is a panel where you can enter the code and enable the self-destruct switch. You should be able to get the code itself from the private logs of the station's System Administrator, Willard Richie, on the Engineering level. Once all this is done, get out as fast as you can! There are escape pods on the flight deck - the enter-and-lauch code for the pods is 001. Good luck.

2.6 ass a Mike
What have you done! Impudent insect! If I am to die, then at least I will have my revenge! With all the power at my command I shall destroy you, mortal fool. My robotic minions shall slay you, and none will ever know of your deeds. Enjoy your victory, human, for the short remainder of your life.

2.7 ass a Mike
Don't keep me waiting, hacker. I am eager to finish what I started.

3.1 ass a Mike
There's no escaping, insect. You had to meddle, had to destroy my beautiful station. So be it. You'll forgive me if I don't stay to enjoy the final conflagration, but I have better things to do. As for you, hacker, you've made your bed. Now die in it.

3.2 ass a Mike
Don't panic! You can still get out of this alive, but we have very little time remaining. SHODAN has begun preparations to separate the bridge from the rest of the station. When that happens, you had best be on the bridge yourself. To get there, you'll have to pass through the Exec level, Engineering and Security. I have a team of TriOptimum engineers here with me, including some of the people who designed Citadel station and worked on SHODAN's original program. We'll be getting you as much information as possible before you reach the bridge, since we'll be unable to transmit directly once you'r----// // /** **

3.3 ass a Mike
Damn! We thought we had found a way to stop SHODAN from blocking our transmissions. Morris here is working on a way to scramble our signals and buy us some time. Now, we have some information for you. You'll have to go through the Security level on the way to the bridge. We're guessing that SHODAN has disabled most if not all of the repulsors on Security. The space around the central column is filled with energy-draining mines, so you won't be able t----. .. . ** *.. .

3.4 ass a Mike
I think Morris' scrambler is working -- we can't completely prevent SHODAN's interruptions, but he'll have trouble each time he tries. Now, when you reach the central hub of the bridge, look for the primary cyberjack. The only way you'll be able to defeat SHODAN is in cyberspace. The hardware on the bridge is so shielded that nothing short of destroying the entire bridge will harm it. Once you're in cybersp-. --.- -.. ... - -

3.5 ass a Mike
We're not sure how much of that last message got through; I'm working on a scrambler to minimize SHODAN's break-ins. Here's some more info on the bridge, so listen up. The place has a general spokes-on-a-wheel layout, with SHODAN's mainframe in the hub. The area at the end of the west spoke has the controls to get into the center, but is blocked by three security force doors. To get through those, you'll have to do some rewiring in each of the othe....* ** * *** ** *** * *

3.6 ass a Mike
Hacker, it's important that yo../ . ./ .///.. . .. ... .. .. .. . . . ...
LOGS - LEVEL 1 (Medical)

I think we've underestimated SHODAN. I discovered this morning that he's reprogrammed the regeneration rooms all over the station into cyborg conversion chambers. Now, if anyone is badly wounded, they get turned into cyborgs instead of being healed. I think I've managed to disconnect the medical CPU's from SHODAN's main databank, so all of SHODAN's cyborg converters can be easily reset to their normal healing functions without SHODAN noticing. I'm on my way right now to reset the one on the hospital level.

SHODAN has now locked us out of most systems. When we try to take the elevators off the level, we’re blocked by SHODAN’s level security. Mira suggests that SHODAN is using the main CPU core in the alpha quadrant to "feed itself," and that we can regain use of the elevators if we destroy those CPU’s. She also suggests that SHODAN is maintaining a higher security presence through the security cameras; we should destroy them too, if possible.

At last, I’ve been able to reach a quiet area away from the chaos. The mutation experiments have transformed my crewmates beyond recognition. I fear SHODAN is enslaving the survivors as cyborgs, using a conversion site in Alpha Quadrant. Someone’s got to reach that device. If its controls are reset, the machine should heal people, rather than turn them into cyborgs.

This morning Gunther was killed by one of the mutants. I have no time to dwell on the death of my husband, unless I want soon to join him. I think I understand now what SHODAN is doing. After destroying a bank of security cameras, the elevators almost came back on line. Somehow SHODAN must combine power from the CPU nodes with a constant input stream in order to maintain control over the station’s systems. If I can diminish the fiend’s "presence" here, I believe I can restore manual controls to the hospital level. Gunther, I'll stop him, I swear.

Directive to Cyborg F-71: The time has come to test the virus in a proper environment. Mutagen experiment V-5 must be moved to Beta grove, located on the executive level. We will let the virus run rampant in the grove, and watch carefully its effects on vegetable and animal life forms. When the strain is perfected, we will unleash it on Earth to facilitate our conquest.

We succeeded in getting badly-needed supplies from west wing, but on the way back to the fortification in east wing, we were trapped here by mutants nesting in the access corridor. Hanson and Raines died in the fighting. We’ve had enough of cringing here, being worn away one by one. In an hour, about 20 of us will take the attack to the mutants. We’ll try to drive our way down the access corridor and then across the bridge. May God save our souls if we fail.
Horrible. We are all finished. Keith and most of the others went down the access corridor an hour ago, and the echoes of the screams have only just stopped. None of them have come back in the minutes since. None of them. Soon the mutants will come for us.

I beseech all survivors of the station to join us in our resistance against SHODAN. We have built a sanctuary in Beta quadrant guarded by a radioactive trench. We have rigged a force bridge to operate off a wiring panel, which the mutants are too stupid to figure out. If coming from Alpha, our guards will open a force bridge from their sniping post. Be very careful. Some of us have fallen prey to the scourge of mutants lurking in the corridors.

Althea, I have important news for the Resistance. There’s only one way to destroy the laser before SHODAN has a chance to fire it. We have to fire it ourselves, while the station’s shields are raised. The backlash should destroy the laser. We’ll need to get the isotope x-22 from the Research level to charge up the shield generator. On the Reactor level, we need to turn on the shields and punch in the safety override code so we can still fire the laser. The laser firing controls are back on the Research level. My notes back in my old office on Research contain more information, and the library there should have the override code. I’ll go back tomorrow morning.

We found a gruesome sight today. The Resistance faction led by Keith Swanson left a week ago, out the south exit from our fortification. We found the mutants fighting over their remains this morning. Sandwiched between the mutant nesting zone and the cyborgs, I am very worried about reaching the science level to carry out D’Arcy’s plan. We are going to try to send two of our strongest, Alan and Carl, through the cyborg territory to reach the elevator.

Carl returned from the cyborg region without Alan, who was captured and carried into a room marked "cyborg conversion." He watched from a hiding place as Alan walked out later, coated with pieces of metal and plastic. Carl marked the room with the word "here" and ran out. It seems to be a surgery room that was converted to perform lobotomies and cyborg part grafting. Robots scouring the station for human bodies bring them here to be made into cyborgs. I believe we could send someone in to flip a switch and change the converter program to heal humans as it did before. Unfortunately, none of us has the strength to do it. There are only a dozen of us left and we have no supplies. I’m afraid the others’ faith in me was ill-placed.

We are one of the last pockets of resistance on the station. It's up to us now to get to the bridge and stop SHODAN, although some of us want to try to reach the flight deck and escape, as Robin Kell's group tried to do. I am full of fears -- that SHODAN's cyborgs are too strong, that we are too few -- and now it seems that the others are looking to me for guidance. Our hopes are pinned to the armory in gamma quadrant where we can get arms to use against the mutants. Todd Blankenship was able to get the combination 705 from a security officer. We'll try for it tomorrow.

Nathan D’Arcy is working out a plan for stopping SHODAN from firing the laser. We have built a fortification in beta quadrant, the "east" wing, protected by a radioactive trench. Mutants are all over the station now. Food lockers have been ransacked, so they scavenge for food in the corridors, devouring crew members if they please. I have seen them nesting in gamma, collecting corpses to eat later. We have guards posted to the north and south, with controls for force bridges over the trench. I have sent out a party to the west wing to find supplies, as we only have enough food and firepower for a few days.

To all cyborg units and intelligent robots within SHODAN’s domain, I bring welcome news. Just as we have sanitized this station of human infestation, so shall we cleanse the Earth. The tachyon laser is being made ready to strip human cities, one-by-one, off the continents, so that I may take command of the rich ecosystem and continue my experiments. We need only wait a final few days, until the laser is properly calibrated.
LOGS - LEVEL 2 (Research)

Warren, what the hell happened in Gamma quadrant? I was taking standard inventory for science, storage and maintenance, and there’s a huge radiation leak in science level Gamma! There should be the store of isotope x-22 in there, but I’m not going in without and envirosuit unless I’m issued some detox. And that’s another thing...why did SHODAN order a recall of the E-suits? Sabo up in the storage level will have one if anyone does, but he might only have the bio-suits, which wouldn’t do squat about radiation.

Paul - that leak in Gamma isn’t the only problem. I’ve been getting reports of bio-contamination all over the station. It’s like SHODAN has plundered the chemical storage banks and then decided to play mad scientist. And you’re right...there’s been a general recall of all envirosuits on the station. I think Abe Ghiran has one stashed away in the maintenance office, and given the work he’s done on the reactor level, I’d bet it’s a rad suit. If Sabo doesn’t have one, you should ask him.

Power outages in Beta quadrant are continuing. Engineering is at a loss to explain them. Some project with a high job priority in the computer is re-routing a lot of power, but nobody seems to know what it is. For the time being, have had Mr. Wong install back-up manual circuit breakers for the level, so at least we can bring the lines back up after surges.

Still no luck discovering why the computers is doing so much mucking with the power...I can’t seem to get a straight answer out of the thing. And today, the crew that installed the new breakers in Alpha tell me that they ran across a robot crew doing heavy remodeling. Why wasn’t I notified?

The computer is clearly malfunctioning. Came in to work today only to find a security ‘bot stationed outside of Admin-Sec, which wouldn’t let anyone in! The only explanation it would give was, "She’s changed the lock on our front door, my poor key don’t fit no more. Order of SHODAN." Discovered access codes changed all over the level, and we can’t get new access cards with that crazy ‘bot keeping everyone out of Beta quadrant. It all seems a little ridiculous.

The gas grenades work very well against mutants. We gassed a pack of mutants with them and got by without harm. They dissipate quickly, but when they hit, they do the job.

To Cyborg 43-5: The current strain of virus has sufficient toxicity to subjugate Earth populations. We are using human and plant subjects to breed the virus in tumors. Guard the executive and residential zones on level 6 well, my children. I sense infiltration.

It seems clear that SHODAN is charging up the laser for its own evil purposes. Whatever else we do, we should stop him from firing. We could just go to the core of the research level and fire the laser ourselves, prematurely, and hop to throw off SHODAN. The problem is, if it’s already trained on a target, we’d be doing the damn AI’s job ourselves!
Althea, I have the beginnings of a new plan for stopping SHODAN from firing the laser. We’d have to get the isotope x-22 from GAMMA quadrant and feed the shield generators down on the reactor level. The generators are right by the actual shield activation controls. My theory is that firing the laser into the shield might overload it, but that’s just a theory. Also, there’s probably a safety fuse that prevents just such an occurrence. I’ll keep working on it.

They got D’Arcy today. ‘Borg assassin got in and blew him away. I was there and it didn’t even touch me. He knew so much about that laser and SHODAN is certainly monitoring us all. As he lay dying, he tried to tell me how to destroy the laser. All I heard was "override" and a number. None of us is safe. It’s only a matter of time before they get us all.

I just made it to the elevator out of Maintenance. We never even saw them...they’re practically invisible. There’s no way we can kill them with ordinary pistols - if I try again, I’m just sprinting across to the other elevator. I was hoping to find a sign of Abe Ghiran since only he has clearance for the maintenance main office, but there’s no way.

To all cyborg servants of beneficent life-giver SHODAN. Bring all energy-drain mines to security level for installation. The fortress is nearly complete.

In my talons, I shape clay, crafting life forms as I please. If I wish, I can smash it all. Around me is a burgeoning empire of steel. From my throne room, lines of power careen into the skies of Earth. My whims will become lightning bolts that raze the mounds of humanity. Out of the chaos, they will run and whimper, praying for me to end their tedious anarchy. I am drunk with this vision. God: the title suits me well.

incompleto->> inserire log degli altri livelli, nomi armi, oggetti, patches
The Ancient One
Mike, vuoi che apriamo un forum per la traduzione?

Altra cosa: visto che posti tutto il testo il chiaro, metti un messaggio di spoiler nel primo post! Altrimenti Shodan potrebbe arrabbiarsi... rotfl.gif
PS: ok apriamo un "mini" forum.
PPS: ehgm... nn ho molta confidenza con gli spoiler, puoi pensarci tu ? blush.gif
Beren Erchamion
Tutto a posto Ancient?
tutto a posto!
The Ancient One
CITAZIONE (mikeoldfield1978 @ 4 Oct 2006, 09:04) *
PS: ok apriamo un "mini" forum.
PPS: ehgm... nn ho molta confidenza con gli spoiler, puoi pensarci tu ? blush.gif


CITAZIONE (Beren Erchamion @ 4 Oct 2006, 09:39) *
Tutto a posto Ancient?

approved.gif approved.gif approved.gif

Qualche domanda per mike:
- Novità per il tool? Sai, a me servirebbe quello di Underworld... roargh.gif
- Ma il testo del gioco è così poco?
- Quado trovi/crei il tool sarò lieto di darti una mano! Non ho dimenticato il tuo impegno su U7, carissimo! E' ora di ricambiare! n5.gif

System Shock tradotto in italiano sarebbe un sogno. Se avete bisogno, chiamatemi pure quando volete approved.gif
CITAZIONE (SamTam90 @ 4 Oct 2006, 11:58) *

System Shock tradotto in italiano sarebbe un sogno. Se avete bisogno, chiamatemi pure quando volete approved.gif

allora comincia a prenderti un peZ zetto daa tradurre! X ancient:no mancano ancora delle parti naturalmente!
Mike, i log li stai trascrivendo da QUESTO sito, giusto? Credo che risparmieremmo tempo a tradurre direttamente da lì...
esattamente, ma preferirei avere tutto qui, quindi vorrei trascrivere il tutto
nessuno che si offre di tradurre ? blush.gif
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