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Versione completa: Visionaire Studio 4 beta - finally relased
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Per chi fosse interessato, uscita la beta di Visionaire Studio 4:

Visionaire Studio 4 beta - finally relased
Dear Visionaire-ites, it has been a long time coming... After several exhausting months - for the devs, not us - of hard work, sweat, tears, & stubborn determination, we have finally reached the next big milestone, in our quest for the ultimate adventure game engine. We are proud to present Visionaire Studio 4.0 beta, the cross-platform edition of our game engine. Visionaire Studio 4.0 offers many new & exciting features, such as: a native editor for the mac. Export options for windows, mac, iOS, & android, 3D character support, an updated walk system, which makes it possible to create a more natural looking walk cycle. The editor & engine has been completely overhauled from the ground up (almost) to get it ready for cross-platform support, & in the process has been fine tuned for performance optimization. The editor & engine, will now run much faster, require considerably much less processing power, ram, & vram, etc, to run & is a lot more stable overall. Important!: Only the freeware version of Visionaire Studio 4.0 beta is currently available for download. Over the next few days, we will be reworking the license models to suit the new release, so please have a little patience, & in the meantime, please enjoy testing the freeware version.
grazie per la notizia Andy!
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