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Inviato da: TheRuleril 5 Dec 2011, 11:40

Per chi mastica l'inglese ed e' appassionato giocatore GW da tempo, ha riaperto uno dei maggiori centri di raccolta ufficiali del mondo specialist-games.

qui l'estratto dalla pagina di apertura:
Welcome to new home of the Specialist Games range from Games Workshop.

The demise of the original, official web site for these games was more sudden than we anticipated, and we have spent the time attempting to pull together as much of the material and resources as possible. This is a long process, and I sincerely apologise for the delays in getting things back online and available.

Our plan is to make this the new hub for all of the Specialist Games range and community. Initially, this will involve returning previous resources and making them available, and from there we hope to expand on these. We are happy to hear suggestions and ideas from you, the players, to help to build this section of the site.

Update: As you have probably noticed, the planned revival of the Specialist Games forums has been significantly delayed. This is due to a data incompatibility between Games Workshops system and my own. We continue to work on this, and will post updates and status notes here, along with links to new content, so that you will always know where to find the latest update.

Additional: After discussion with Andy Hall, he has allowed me to host all Fanatic Magazine resources that have not already been moved over to the new Games Workshop site. Therefore, I am working through my files to get these available as quickly as possible. I will put these online as I progress through the magazine issues. I just wanted to thank him for this - thanks Andy.

Forums: I am very pleased to announce that the new Specialist Games forums are now open and available. Initially, we had intended to resurrect the old SG forums, and simply move them to a new home. However, we were struck with compatibility issues and it became very difficult to convert the old data to a useable format. We made a considerable effort to achieve this, but it came to the point where we felt it would be better to open up a brand new set of boards rather than continue the wait. So, head on over to the new home for all SG players, which I hope will serve as a rallying point and place to generate more interest and visibility for these great games.

Inviato da: TheRuleril 5 Dec 2011, 11:43

Molto interessante la sezione "".
Permette il download ufficiale a tutto il materiale specialist pubblicato sotto questa copertina.

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