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> Temple of Elemental Evil +
messaggio18 Sep 2018, 10:33
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CITAZIONE (TheRuler @ 15 Sep 2018, 19:38) *
Ho detto una stupidata, ero convinto chiedessi del mod Circle of Eight. Ti confermo che Temple+ può essere usato con la nostra patch italiana.
Di fatto temple+ non è una patch canonica, ovvero non modifica i file originali in alcun modo, semplicemente è un nuovo interprete scritto in un nuovo linguaggio compatibile con i sistemi moderni e supporta le DX11.

quindi, GOG + patch + temple+ = 60fps

Ti ringrazio ho risolto il problema degli fps, era il Vsinc -.-
Ora ho un altra domanda:
Se installo sia temple+ che co8 rischio di crashare tutto?

Praticamente vado di
Patch Italiana 5.0

Scusate se non è la sezione giusta, ma siete l'unico forum ancora attivo biggrin2a.gif

Messaggio modificato da Sicio il 18 Sep 2018, 10:34
messaggio18 Sep 2018, 20:00
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Non va in crash, ma molte stringhe italiane verranno sovrascritte da quelle in inglese del Co8.
La patch 5 ita risolve un numero enorme di bug originali e aggiunge diverse migliorie. Il Co8 è una mod tutt'ora in sviluppo e l'esperienza è decisamente diversa.
Se lo vuoi giocare tutto in ITA: GOG, patch ITA, temple+.
Altrimenti prova anche con il co8 e vedi come va.

messaggio7 Mar 2019, 23:12
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Gruppo: SMod
Messaggi: 11.624
Iscritto il: 20 January 06
Da: Bologna
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Entropologo part-time

BGE AG: Indy3
Arcade: Silpheed
Free Roaming: Shadow of the Colossus
RTS: Praetorians

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Rilasciata la versione 1.0.69 (full changelog).

•Added feats: (courtesy of doug1234)◦Augment Healing
◦Deadly Defense
◦Divine Spell Power
◦Extra Stunning
◦Extra Wild Shape
◦Fast Wild Shape
◦Favored Power Attack
◦Improved Buckler Defense
◦Lingering Song
◦Oaken Resilience
◦Pain Touch
◦Power Critical
◦Powerful Charge, Greater Powerful Charge
◦Natural Bond
◦Quicken Turn Undead
◦Ranged Weapon Mastery
◦Reckless Rage
◦Staggering Strike
◦Sudden Empower, Sudden Enlarge, Sudden Extend, Sudden Maximize, Sudden Quicken, Sudden Silent, Sudden Still, Sudden Widen
◦Telling Blow
◦Two Weapon Rend
◦Versatile Unarmed Strike
◦Wolverine's Rage

•Added subraces (credit: doug1234):◦Tiefling
◦Aquatic elf
◦Gray elf
◦Wild elf
◦Wood elf
◦Gold Dwarf
◦Ghostwise Halfling
◦Strongheart Halfling
◦Tallfellow Halfling

•Fixed atari bug 71 (sun domain greater turning use limit) (credit: doug1234)
•Fixed atari bug 184 (AoO possible despite stinking cloud effect) (credit: doug1234)
•Some polish & fixes for monstrous PC races
•Fixed bug where the Neutral Evil vignette acolyte wouldn't attack (Co8)
•Fixed Domain spells issue when multiclassing chars with racial spells
•Fixed Magic Circle vs. Alignment crash issue (Temple werewolves sometimes had this).
•Fixed Magic Circle vs. Alignment spells not preventing damage from summoned creatures when armed (it was checking target instead of attacker for non-natural weapons!)
•Fixed atari bug 536: Casting spell with multiple select targets - when cursor went into fog of war, it would reset the target list.
•AI "default cast" strategy and spell target picker now support spell targeting like bless (target mode Personal but with AoE)
•Added PyObjHandle method "ai_strategy_set_custom" - sets custom AI strategy via string. Supports Save/Load with custom_strats.bin file.
•Fixed Spike Stones / Growth crash when concurrent turns is on. (Atari bug #487)
•Added Twilight armor enhancement (10% spell failure reduction; requires non-core rules config enabled)
•Fixed Craft Wondrous Items prerequisite printout with 'O' condition (e.g. Monk's Belt)
•Fix Animation System memory corruption issue from v1.0.65 (caused characters to be frozen after using chargen and starting new game)

messaggio1 Mar 2021, 08:04
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Gruppo: SMod
Messaggi: 11.624
Iscritto il: 20 January 06
Da: Bologna
Utente Nr.: 2.653
Entropologo part-time

BGE AG: Indy3
Arcade: Silpheed
Free Roaming: Shadow of the Colossus
RTS: Praetorians

Playing Magari...
SO Windows7

OGI Supporter

Continua ad essere affinato questo fantastico gioco. v1.0.84 (full changelog)

Patch degli ultimi 2 anni:

v1.0.85 (unreleased 2021-)

Fixed issue with bonus cap buffer overflow that led to crashes (e.g. when having more than 10 armor items with caps to dex bonus)
Fixed crash due to invalid proto ID choices as in Summon X spells (namely, KotB with Temple+)
Fixed Summon Familiar script bug that could cause PCs left at the Inn to be destroyed (co8)
New Optional (non-core) craftable effects: Hunting, Berserker and Warning
Added descriptions for all craftable effects

v1.0.84 (released 2021-01-22)

Stackable Metamagic effects feature (from Moebious patch) converted to House Rules option
Mirror image now works with Empower (up to 12) and maximize
Crafted shields, weapons and armor long descriptions now display all added effects
New Craftable effects:
Energy Resistance, Silent Moves and Shadow (core rules)
Optional (non-core): Hammerblock, Axeblock, Spearblock, Stamina, Agility, Nimbleness, Mobility and Quickness
Fixed crash issue related to unfulfilled Counterspell action
Fixed Metamagic handling for non-Co8 versions (patch2, GoG)
Fixed missing max dex bonus for tower shields

v1.0.83 (released 2020-11-06)

Wild Shape / Animal Companion - added Dire Wolf option
Added House Rule option: Wild Shape Usable Items. Allow you to retain bonuses from some of your equipment while wildshaped (Bracers, Cloaks, Helmets, Necklaces, Rings) and to use potions.
Dungeon Master: Added Items menu to allow giving and spawning items. Including search by name.
Dungeon Master: Added Pathfinding menu, allowing you to edit & save Path Nodes; generate Clearance data
Added Stricter Rules Enforcement configuration option: Corrects the grease spell radius to 5 feet (doug 1234).
Changed Craft Magic Arms & Armor so that you can move enchantments to the right even if you don't have the resources, just to see how much is needed.
Pathfinding improvements to further reduce zig-zag in mid/long range navigation
Empower and maximize now works for: aid, false life (Atari Bug #170), Ray of Enfeeblement and Ray of Clumsiness (doug1234)
Fixed Wildshape not changing size category
Fixed Wildshape not applying special monster conditions (such as Tripping Bite for Wolf/Dire Wolf, Fire damage/immunity for Fire Elementals)
Fixed tooltips in inventory UI not appearing straight away until the user jiggles the mouse
Fixed sprung traps locking you into pseudo-combat mode
Fixed script issues with Bassanio regarding opening his chest (he interrupted it even when he's dead, and did not initiate convo when the trap was set off) (Co8)
Fixed Co8 Spell Object to be un-pickpocketable
Fixed Practiced Spellcaster to grant CL for item crafting.
Fixed hit_dice_num for PC characters with monster levels. Affects things like spells with HD-based effects (e.g. Cloudkill)
Fixed "Always Fog" House Rules option to not blacken the main menu background
Fixed misplaced 'Center on Party' button in non-Co8 games (Temple+ bug)
Changed max spell level to be determined by base stat + permanent item effects only (rather than current stat level e.g. including temporary spells which explicitly state they should not grant bonus spells)
Fixed levelup feat selection: right clicking on feat bypassed check if you already had it (Atari bug #343)
Fixed Metamagic menu issue: checked if you had the feat exactly once, which would cause the MM effect to be unavailable in case the player had selected the feat more than once (probably related to above..)
Fixed spell extender classes Caster Level calculation on levelup for feat selection (e.g. Mystic Theurge)
Fixed swapping a wooden shield with a metal one for druids (doug1234)
Fixed mousewheel scrolling in Debug GUI & Dungeon Master
Fixed Metamagic visual glitch when adding metamagic to the highest known level or above it (it would place it at the top of the list, and not create a new Spell Level label if necessary). Known issue: when the new level is 9, it still doesn't add the label, so it could appear to be level 8 or lower.
Fixed bug in loading Hotkey action names; caused text glitch when reassigning hotkeys ("Key Currently assigned to '' ")
Prayer Beads of Karma - does not require wearing anymore, and fixed the tooltip.
Fixed scrolling in Save/Load Game UI (previously it only worked while the mouse was over the scrollbar itself)
Fixed issue with using number keys to select dialogue where it would change the selected character at the end of dialogue
Fixed Sorcerers being unable to progress beyond level 25 (they will now get a new spell every level which can be from any spell level)
Fixed visual glitch in Char Ui 3d Model view (scaling the model by 1.5x messed up some hair and clothing)
Fixed loading Flee Combat data from save
Fixed magic circle vs good/evil/law/chaos (Atari Bug 157)

v1.0.82 (released 2020-08-23)

Hotfix for charge attack bug

v1.0.81 (released 2020-08-22)

New feat: improved skirmish (doug1234)
Extended spell descriptions option (marc1967)
Added option for default action being 5 foot step and full attack when possible. (doug1234)
Added option for NPC HD - average (doug1234)
Arcane Archer Bug Fixes: Enhance arrows now bypasses magic DR and hail of arrows has the correct number of targets (doug1234)
Fixed charge attack minimum move distance to 10 feet, and is disallowed if fatigued or exhausted (doug1234)
Fixed Inflict spells touch attack - now use melee touch attach instead of ranged (anatoliy-savchak)
Fix Harm spell lack of touch attack (doug1234)

v1.0.80 (released 2020-07-12)

Hotfix for Bard crash issue

v1.0.79 (released 2020-07-04)

Fix low charisma paladin penalty for Divine Grace and Smite Evil Attack (doug1234)
Fix Augment Healing (doug1234)
Now Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting only applies to full attacks (doug1234)
Fixed beguiler and scout trap finding ability
Fixed erroneously giving extra skill points for human subraces (Aasimar and Tiefling) (doug1234)
Spell Effects for Mind Blank, Foresight and Moment Of Prescience can now be dispelled (doug1234)
New Feat: Melodic Casting (doug1234)
New Spells: Waves of Fatigue, Waves of Exhaustion, Touch of Fatigue and Ray of Exhaustion (doug1234) (Co8 only)
Enemy AI can now throw daggers (anatoliy-savchak)

v1.0.78 (released 2020-06-11)

Fixed broken Half Elf script
Fixed Atari Bug 81: Druids can cast with metal shields (doug1234)
Fixed Atari Bug 90: Bracers of archery proficiency. (doug1234)
Fixed Dispel related issues: (doug1234)
Dispel magic now works for > 3rd level spells
Break enchantment now can't effect the same target twice in one casting
Break enchantment is limited to transmutation and enchantment
Dispel alignment/element touch attack now works to dispel spells (no check now) and kill creatures as appropriate
The level check cap is now enforced for dispel magic, break enchantment and greater dispel magic
Summoned creatures are now stripped of their faction when summoned by a party member (fixes issues with summons not attacking)
Fixed crash when spontaneous druid summon proto is undefined
New Feats: Swift Ambusher and Daring Outlaw (doug1234)
Changes to support Inspect functionality in new modules (anatoliy)
Normal right-click usage is now enabled when the DM menu is minimized

v1.0.77 (hotfix released 2020-05-20)

Fixed worldmap fubar for non-co8
Fixed missing ACID python enum (affected Resist energy, endure elements etc)
Fixed Blackguard being unable to use Divine Might
Poison ability damage now logged in history

v1.0.76 (released 2020-05-06)

Added Fochlucan Lyrist class (by doug1234)
Added Swashbuckler class (by doug1234)
Added feat Battle Caster (by doug1234)
Added feat Oversized two-weapon fighting (doug1234)
Added spell Mind Blank (doug1234)
Added spell Moment of Prescience (doug1234)
Added spell Foresight (doug1234)
Removed check that prevented manyshot from triggering. Also fixed the manyshot penalty. Support for more arrows at higher BAB to be added later. (doug1234)
PC/NPC party composition options added to configurator; restored default to vanilla
Added Poison Specs moddability (by anatoliy)
Implemented Monstrous Centipede poison
Added "Rest Party" to console cheats menu
Fixed Duergar Paralysis immunity
Added Duergar Phantasm immunity
Fixed human and half-elf favorite class when using new classes (edoipi)
Fixed Beguiler spell list
Fixed Advanced Learning granted by prestige class spell extenders like Mystic Theurge
Fixed Telling Blow selectable multiple times
Fixed Dungeon Master Fudge Roll affecting PC creation stats while it is unavailable
Fixed CE vignette peasants breaking combat (Co8 related issue)
Fixed Weapon Finesse when STR modifier is negative (anatoliy)
Fixed various poison related bugs (anatoliy):
In Initial Damage and Delayed Damage order is now corrected - first saving throw check, then damage if failed
Paralysis duration corrected to be in minutes, not rounds
Implemented Unconsciousness, which was not present before
Fixed Worldmap crash on high resolution (caused by buffer overflow in the terrain type bitmap)
Fixed Worldmap crash when exiting a random encounter map and changing destination to one of the Co8 maps instead of the original destination.
Fixed crash in ProcessBackingOff (anatoliy)
Fixed crash in UiDialogBegin (reopen dialog tab after map change) (anatoliy)
Fixed crash in PyObjHandle_CanFindPathToObj (anatoliy)
Fixed GetModFromStatLevel for odd values below 10 (thanks anatoliy!)
Fixed Temp Ability Loss draining stats below 0 (by anatoliy)
Fixed bug in handling 4th natural attack specification (anatoliy)
Fixed missing Wall of Fire defs in KotB
Fixed incorrect ranger reflex save
Fixed Favored Soul spell selection when levelling to 20 (doug1234)
Fixed wrong bardic music sounds (doug1234)
Fixed Fear of Ghosts conversation issue

v1.0.75 (released 2019-06-14)

Added base class: Beguiler (credit: doug1234)
Added alchemy and Knowledge: Nature as class skills where appropriate (mainly for KotB mod)
Added file extender method to meshes.mes and addmesh.mes
Fixed being able to use wands when silenced (Atari bug #49)
Fixed Wild Elf getting -2 CHA
Fixed Wild Shape not letting you make AoOs
Fixed Pishella not being able to join after attacking Traders (Co8)
Fixed bug when entering dialog while picking spell target
Fixed Poison immunity for new races

v1.0.74 (released 2019-05-30)

Fixed crash when trying to edit doors with the Dungeon Master
Fixed Warmage not being able to select bonus feat
Fixed Gray Elf not getting +2dex/-2con

v1.0.73 (released 2019-05-18)

Fixed crash issue when resetting combat system (e.g. quitting to main menu from combat mode)
Fixed crash issue from HasCondition query (e.g. when casting Remove Fear twice on the same char)
Enabled Wall of Fire in spell selection

v1.0.72 (released 2019-05-11)

Fixed crash issue from DispatchSpellDamage
Fixed Extraplanar chest spawning Empty Throne when Zuggtmoy's Gem Hoard is inside (Co8)
Added default equipment for Warmage and Scout classes
Shortened description for Scout's Skirmish feat

v1.0.71 (released 2019-05-05)

Hotfix release for crash issue with Blind Sight / Invisibility and Paladin/Ranger broken script bugs.

v1.0.70 (released 2019-05-04)

Added base class Scout (from Complete Adventurer)
Added base class Warmage (from Complete Arcane)
Fixed character tooltip not appearing for rapid mouse movements
Fixed Grappled condition not granting Helplessness bonus to attacker (e.g. Frog Tongue grappling)
Fixed spell Remove Fear - will now last 10 min/lvl and actually suppress fear effects
Fixed spells Neutralize Poison - will now last 10min/lvl and protect from poisoning
Added armor enhancement: Freedom of Movement
Added Scribe Scroll set caster level
Fixed Scribe Scroll/Craft Wand for Bards and other classes (will take spell level from the respective spell list rather than directly from specification (e.g. Bards should be able to scribe Tasha's Hideous Laughter as a 1st level spell rather than 2nd level)
Fixed inifnite enter/exit combat loop after breaking combat with only concealed enemies remaining


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