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Versione completa: Can you share your knowledge about kyrandia translation?
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Hello Italian friends!
I am from Poland and I'm really impressed by your work. Your translation is amazing and I have got little request. I would like to translate Legend of Kyrandia: Book One into polish. I have tried to hex edit .pak (.emc) files and it worked. But the problem is (what you know, I think) that length of dialogues have to exactly the same. But you have managed to fix that as I can see. Can you tell me how to fix it/what tools did you use (the point of it is changing dialogues offsets?). Or maybe it is secret?

After all, I would be really happy if you could tell me that.
We have to ask the friend that developed the tool first. Anyway It shuldn't be a problem my polish friend, we would be glad to share it with you.
Author DK kindly gave permission to share his work!
He also uploaded another tool on sourceforge that allows to extract and repack graphic on many westwwod games: Westpak2. Tool that I used to translate some stuff on Kyra, like Zanthia's note.

.rar contains both tools for Kyra1 and Kyra2.
You have to put .pak and .emc files from floppy and CD into corresponding directories according to the parameters in emcqe.ini.
the pdf is a quick reference on how the tool works. In italian, sorry.

Don't hesitate to ask for help.
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EDIT: MAIN.EXE translation was a chellenge too. Here is the discussion on how we managed to sort it out.
In a nutshell you will find in the exe some phrases from the intro. You could easily translate them as long as you keep the dividers (hex:00) in the same place.
More complex is the inventory:
At 0x0003444C you will find the word list, at 0x2DC80 the index list.
If you adapt the lenght of the words, you have to modify the corresponding index.
To achieve this you could copy the inventory part from the start of the page (0x2ED70) to the end of the inventory (0x3497E) into a new file in order to have an absolute reference so "garnet" (the first inventory item) will find itself at 56D2 (the first index).

Hope that helped.
Good luck!
Thank you very much, that tool is amazing! Now I have to comprehend translating main.exe Thank you again!
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