Una succosa novitÓ per tutti i fan di Exult. Ecco la news in home page:

11 November 2008
It's official: the next Exult stable version will be out soon after Duke Nukem Forever. Jokes aside here's what's been done to the development version in the past 15 months:

Unlimited NPCs (Marzo)
Smooth Scrolling (Ryan)
Vast improvements to the Exult toolchain (usecode compiler, ExultStudio, etc) (Marzo)
Most data is now non-hardcoded but read from datafiles (Marzo)
A lot of data from the originals has been decoded and combat should work a lot closer to the originals now (Marzo)
Tons of fixes (Jeff, Marzo, Willem, Ryan, Phillip)
Most of this work has been done by Marzo aka The Unstoppable Hacking Machine !!!

Subito dopo l'uscita di Duke Nukem Forever ( smilies3.gif ), uscirÓ una nuova versione stabile di exult a distanza di molto tempo dall'ultima release stabile (la 1.2).

Direi che Ŕ un'ottima notizia!!! n5.gif n5.gif