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The Ancient One
Finalmente delle buone notizie su questo interessantissimo progetto sono apparse sul Phorum di Exult.

Ecco, finalmente, il nuovo sito:

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The Ancient One
Ed ecco la prima news dopo quasi due anni:

I am really sorry that I havenít been able to keep as on the ball about TFL Ö or at least as on the ball in a way you guys could see Ö for a long time now. I canít make any promises about an update schedule, however there will be a few changes evident in the coming days Ö probably on Friday when I actually get a day off work:

A) The TFL site, back at after the expiry of the previous domain name, will be completely overhaulled. The forums got completely overrun with spambots, and the top page needs updated anyways. I plan to turn it into a wordpress-powered page simply because itís something thatís easy for me to maintain and I have a heavy workload at my current job - which is why I havenít been online.

B) A massive commit will be happening sometime soon. Massive I suppose is relative - and I will likely do it in a few parts - but I want to at the very least dump all my current edits into the repository so people can see how far Iíve gotten.

C) Iíll be looking for a few people to do some U7-themed art to fill some holes in things I need for the Feudal Lands in the mod.

D) I will also be releasing some music done by some great friends of mine over at All Media Studios, which will be used in the mod, soon. Want to make sure that all the legalities there are sorted first.

If someone digs up the TFL thread Iíll post a little more, I donít want to derail this thread overmuch.

Wizardry Dragon

Insomma, restiamo in attesa di questa "massive update"! n5.gif

Sicuramente Feudal Lands sembra, anche allo stato attuale, il progetto piý interessante di modification di Ultima!
The Ancient One
Nuova news in homepage:

Hello there, world!

As Iím sure most of you have noticed, the old U7:TFL site had gone unmaintained for a long, long time. Iím sure many of you have assume the project got sidelined or shelved. The former is true - workís kept me busy and offline - but not the latter, as Iíve been working at it in what spare time I have.

Having gotten myself a few odd short days this week Iíve taken the time to completely overhaul and update the TFL site - and the results are right here before you. I hope you all like it, and comments are welcome. I plan to get a little more fancy with the graphic design at some point, but for now this will suffice.

On Friday I plan to release a bit of a teaser with recent changes - and since the wordpress install is much easier for me to update news on, you can expect that at the very least Iíll be throwing out what Iím working on and what progress Iíve made in some hopefully fairly frequent news posts.

So whatís on the plate right now for TFL development?

The past few months Iíve more or less spent myself working on three things, so let me address them in turn:

1) Developing the map. Iíve always liked mapping, for various games and such. For some odd reason, the world-building aspect of those tools has always intrigued me since I was a kid, and I was always a fan of the SimCity games for such a reason. So itís been something Iíve been doing a lot of in my free time. Iíve completed two entire cities for the Feudal Lands, and though I plan on tweaking some fine details for them, thatís already two great, huge areas for players to explore in the Feudal Lands.

2) Planning and designing the new game functionality. I plan on adding a handful of new features to Exult/Ultima with the Feudal Lands. The most notable of these is I want to add a way for players to contribute to the various organizations in the world - that is after all the crux of the game world, these feuding factions. So Iíve been designing a system on paper of quests - some random, others not - that these organizations will offer, rewards, advancement in the organizations, and so forth. I also have some ideas for contributing to different townes and the Fellowship, Lord British, etc, in Black Gate proper as well. Iíll reveal a little more once Iím a little more solid in what I want to do.

3) Writing the Feudal Lands story. The difference between Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands, and most other Ultima fan projects, is that these projects are either fan fiction, or completely new, mostly off-canon projects. Iím not knocking either, incidentally- I enjoy both (Dark Core is my favourite, personal, as well as the Ultima 5 remake Lazarus) - but the difficulty with U7:TFL specifically is because it integrates so closely with Ultima 7, it has to adhere and flow with the existing canon. Whilst we canít be entirely perfect, and Iím not going to try to be, I do want to try to be as much so as we can. And so Iíve been taking great pains to work towards such a thing in my story-writing.

Finalmente venerdž dovrebbe uscire un nuovo snapshot di Feudal Lands.
Presumo che a livello di codice (e quindi di dialoghi e quest) non ci sia quasi niente.
PerÚ dovrebbero esserci due grandi cittŗ da esplorare. Favoloso!!!!!!

Nella news rivela anche alcuni progetti sul mod.
Come era noto da tempo, il mod si integrerŗ in U7p1, offrendo nuove grandi aree di gioco, adeguatamente fedeli al "canon" della serie.
In particolare ci saranno nuove quest per le fazioni introdotte dal mod, alcune delle quali anche generate casualmente. Il che sarebbe una novitŗ per un Ultima (almeno per "quelli moderni").

Fantastico!!! bananab.gif
The Ancient One
I credits del mod fin qui:

Peter M Dodge - ďWizardry DragonĒ

Peter M Dodge
Marzo Sette Torres Jr.

Marzo Sette Torres Jr.

Justin Durban
Ryan Reilly

Oggi dovrebbe uscire la nuova versione alpha del mod... bananab.gif
The Ancient One
CITAZIONE (The Ancient One @ 31 Oct 2008, 11:47) *
Oggi dovrebbe uscire la nuova versione alpha del mod... bananab.gif

Non Ť uscita... zx11shocked.gif

On the actual TFL development front, I spent a good while catching up on the more recent changes to UCC and Exult in general with Marzo, and I think Iíll probably spend a good bit of the next day or possibly more rewriting the Usecode for TFL to catch up on Ö and also take advantage of .. many of the new changes there.

Thatís it for now, but in the coming days I hope to have more. Cheers!

In pratica Wizardry Dragon, oltre che aggiornare il nuovo sito, sta rimettendo mano al codice fin qui scritto per TFL, rendendolo compatibile con le ultime modifiche ad Exult e migliorandolo.

Speriamo cmq di poter vedere qualcosa presto.

The Ancient One
Altra news:

In more project-related news, I had a rather thought-provoking IRC conversation with Marzo that lead to some solid ideas on plot and some spellcasting things. It being 329 am here, Iím going to sleep on it, but Iím sure Iíll have some ideas to post as a teaser of sorts, for tomorrow. Of course, the IRC conversation itself is accessible via the log link, if youíre curious right now.

The Ancient One
Dal sito del gioco:

Alright, so I promised you guys that yesterday I would have some of the results of Marzo and Iís discussions on the project which weíve held on IRC. I apologise for the lateness: but itís for good reason. As a result of these discussions, Iíve gone forward with the idea of adding in a (basic) economy to the game world

One of the things that I always enjoyed about Ultima VII was the ďworld simulatorĒ aspect of it, how well (for the time) it immersed people in the world of Britannia: NPCs following schedules, going about daily chores, etc. In our discussion, Marzo and I both agreed that a very neat way to really add some depth to that game world would be to add a little rudimentary economy to it.

While having things like traders going about and caravans and such may be a little much (and too much work for too little effort), a rudimentary economy would go a long, long way to adding some realism to the game world and also a new way to make money for the less combat-oriented Ultima fans, by trading and selling the various commodities (and for the more unscrupulous fans, fear not, there will be at least one intentional way to game the system :-))

Iíll explain what I have in my head a little better when I wake, hopefully, late in the morning here and I still havenít slept. So, for now, I bid thee aideu. Oh, and while the SF public CVS always takes a bit to update, I have already committed the beginnings of the economy system to the project CVS, for the curious usecoders.

Sembra che il mod avrŗ un sistema d'economia piý avanzato dell'originale!
The Ancient One
Due nuove screenshot, che mostrano i progressi con la creazione del mondo di gioco!
Un continente completamente nuovo da esplorare!!!

Clicca per vedere l'allegato

Clicca per vedere l'allegato

CITAZIONE (The Ancient One @ 19 Nov 2008, 14:27) *
Due nuove screenshot, che mostrano i progressi con la creazione del mondo di gioco!
Un continente completamente nuovo da esplorare!!!

Clicca per vedere l'allegato

Clicca per vedere l'allegato

Ancient, potresti descrivermi un pÚ questo mod?
The Ancient One
CITAZIONE (psiko @ 21 Nov 2008, 10:02) *
Ancient, potresti descrivermi un pÚ questo mod?


Devo ancora provare l'ultima versione, quindi per ora non posso essere molto preciso, se non riportandoti quello che Ť trapelato. E sempre sperando di non sbagliarmi

Il mod dovrebbe occuparsi di svariate cose, fra cui:
- fondere insieme U7p1 e U7p2, potendo andare al termine di U7p1 direttamente sull'Isola del Serpente.
- introdurre nuovi aspetti nel gioco:
- karma (un modo per giudicare quanto Ť virtuoso l'Avatar e su tale base far reagire diversamente gli NPC)
- Economia (prevedere un sistema di scambi fra le cittŗ, con la possibilitŗ di fare il mercante, comprando a poco in una cittŗ e rivendendo in un'altra)
- Un sistema di Gilde, con nuove quest, alcune delle quali anche generate casualmente (tipo i primi Ultima: portami il cadavere di un drago)
- Un sistema di incantesimi anche per gli altri PNG e non solo per l'avatar (e quindi diversificato in base alle classi: ranger, chierico, ecc.)
- Tutto un nuovo continente (di cui puoi vedere uno screenshot sopra), che dovrebbe essere ispirato ai precedenti Ultima, prevedendo cioť gli altri feudi di cui era originariamente costituito il mondo di gioco.

Insomma: tante promesse! PerÚ le persone coinvolte sono serie (fra cui anche Marzo, una delle menti dietro ad Exult), quindi si puÚ sperare.
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