L'ultimo snapshot di Exult 1.4 introduce una nuova funzione particolarmente interessante: lo "smooth scrolling" che dovrebbe rendere i movimenti dello schermo più fluidi.

2007-11-07 Ryan Nunn <colourles@users.sourceforge.net>
* exult.cc, gamewin.*, gumps/GameplayOptions_gump.cc : Made lerping a
percentage value. Default now to 75% that makes things not quite as
smooth as they were before and seems to be a reasonable tradeoff.
GameplayObjects now has options for disabled, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
* actors.cc : Fixing avatar combat problems, but this really needs a
proper solution to my double step problem. The code i've written seems to
have a few unintended consequences causing extra long pauses when moving

2007-11-06 Ryan Nunn <colourles@users.sourceforge.net>
* effects.cc, exult.cc, gamerend.cc, gamewin.cc, gamewin.h : Two words:
"Smooth Scrolling". Some more words: It's a bit of a hack but it works
really well. The screen position is interpolated based on the camera
actor's animation rate or get_std_delay() if it's not set. The camera
actor's position is also interpolated (though in a really hacky manner)
so the avatar's movement isn't jerky. All other objects do NOT have their
movement interpolated, but just smooth avatar movement is a HUGE
improvement. Added config key "config/gameplay/smooth_scrolling"
to control this. This is enabled by default for now. Code diffs should
highlight how things have changed.
* actors.cc : Added a slight hack to Main_actor::handle_event to stop
some 'double stepping' that was looking really bad with smooth
scrolling. See the comment in the code for details
* gumps/GameplayOptions_gump.* : Added toggle for smooth scrolling.

A questo link trovate la discussione in cui se ne parla.

E' una novità decisamente molto interessante, che però sembra attualmente ancora in via di completa implementazione.
Già funziona, però c'è da aspettarsi che nell'immediato futuro sarà migliorata e che verranno corretti i vari bug che sicuramente questa nuova feature ha introdotto.

Una bella novità!
Vi tengo aggiornati!