Nasce un nuovo sito amatoriale: Ultima Study
(Discussione sul Phorum dedicata a questo progetto)

L'intento quello di raccogliere tutti i libri e gli oggetti che non facile trovare dentro il gioco.
Per ora dovrebbero esserci quasi tutti i libri di U7p1.

I've just recently started my new project, the "Ultima Study", a page that mainly centers on the books and what not found in the worlds of ultima. Now I've got about 176 different objects covered, and I kinda need to know where to look for more, before I start collecting more preciousness from Serpent Isle. Is there a way in Exult Studio, can this be dug from the usecode or somewhere?

There pretty much has to be more items found, since I always bump into a new item when I find a new secret or cave in BG. I also don't know (or care) whether a certain item is "Exult only", so I have just gathered all I find.

I think one of the aspects of a good rpg is the reading that you may find scattered around, be it a "novel" or the last message of a dying man. It's a nice break to the adventuring once in a while. This also gave me a good chance to give something to the Ultima community on my behalf, though I'm not really sure if I'm the only one interested in this kinda stuff. blush.gif