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The Ancient One
Nell'ottica della creazione dei mod, segnalo questa interessante iniziativa: "SI BG Merge".

Utilizzando le parole dell'autore:

This has BG shapes imported into SI. There are 277 shapes added as of now with a few SI repeats to use for BG usecode functions. Right now the items haven't been adjusted. The file is archived in 7z format to dramatically reduce file size. Just add the files to your patch directoy. I hope to edit the shapes within the next few weeks or months so that only the ones that requre usecode to fuction properly will be setup. The usecode functions will propably take me forever to do if I can even do it myself. I plan to implement the BG book and scroll text, deeds required for sailing, BG blackock sword and Rudyom's wand fuctionality, spells that aren't used in SI, and whatever else I can think of that is missing. I forgot to add another sail. here is a picture of the shapes added. Help would definetly be appreciated.

Ecco un immagine degli oggetti già inseriti:
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E' già un primo passo importante.
Ovviamente poi ci sono alcuni oggetti che, per essere utilizzati facilmente, hanno bisogno anche di un'importazione del codice (funzioni dell'usecode).

Insomma, una bella iniziativa!
The Ancient One

SI BG Merge ver 0.51

This new version has new items, all the bodies, shapes, animations and SFX setup correctly (I hope :P). I didn't set the offsets for objects that have to be hack moved as there are a whole lot of frames to do with very little to gain. Anything that requires usecode still isn't going to function properly. Horses spawn one food item as I don't know how to set the quality to rib. Bees don't drop stingers.

I don't really know what I to do when it comes to Usecode. I am trying to get the compiler to work so that I can atleast test if things are done correctly. Maybe my brain will work better after some sleep.

The Ancient One
Nuova versione di questo mod.
Adesso inizia ad essere implementato parte dell'usecode necessario per far funzionare gli oggetti aggiuntivi.
Ecco qui:

SI BG Merge version 6.0

First time I included usecode and bothered to write any documentation.

Well text on scrolls, tombstones, books, plaques, and signs work now. Weapons and armor can be used properly except the cannon (won't fire), Black Sword (won't talk), firedoom staff(won't fire), blackrock (doesn't explode), flaming oil (no damage from usecode), swamp boots (don't protect you from swamps), ring of protection (doesn't have the spell effect of protection). Cloth map is functional. All monsters and NPC properties should be set up. Laurianna needs stats reworked if you want to use her as a PC. Goblins don't have their usecode function (steal?). Bees don't drop a stinger. Horses drop a random food item. All portraits that I know of are included. I fixed the sound effects for the weapons. Double click effects other than than described earlier don't work yet.

Malignant Manor (me)

Made the custom Sherry head that looks more like a funny cartoon raccon dog than a mouse. I liked the way it looked so I included it for her anyway and also because the human heads wouldn't look right either. It looks really cool with a lot of the different helmets on.
I did all of the graphic importing, setting up the imported items, paperdolls, and the scroll, plaque, book, sign, cloth map, and tombstone usecode.

Various people did the ucc files that I didn't. Their work if they bothered to credit it will be in the file itself.

Crysta the Elf

Made shldbkcsnexam.gif and most or all of the other custom paperdoll artwork.

They and the rest of the custom pictures and usecode not contained here can be obtained via at the download section of and or

Special thanks to Marzo because I've bugged him a lot while trying to figure out what to do.
The Ancient One
Nuovo sostanzioso aggiornamento!

SI BG Merge ver 6.5

It is at a new filehosting site since Marzo pointed out the problems with the last one. This site has better features anyway. This is a good sized update with lots of text to follow.

There are 330 shapes added as of now with a few SI repeats to use for BG usecode functions. Right now the items haven't been adjusted. The file is archived in 7z format to dramatically reduce file size (Original is 14MB). Just add the files to your patch directory.

I have added some new features for old items and am in the process of getting most of the stuff to work. Quest items are a lower priority since most of them need multiple functions and NPCs scripted. The next thing I plan to work on is spells and party members. I probably will be moving spellbooks, but besides that I don't think I will need to delete anything.

Flying carpet now works. The only thing that has changed from the original is that the carpet will not fly until seated and double clicked.The best I could do otherwise was have it switch on Sailor flag and hover at 0 altitude. This introduced bugs as the engine isn't made to have barges going under floating objects and a good deal of the time they will attach to the carpet in mid air. Another reason it was left out is to avoid confusion about the height the carpet can go.

BG Ship deeds are on the SI deeds to determine ownership starting with quality 214. This will allow you to use the SI sails for ships. I originally wanted the BG sails to be different so that you could use the BG scroll shape for them, but this didn't turn out that well, because I couldn't get both sails to open at the same time.

Cart works although the animation isn't there. It uses BG scrolls to determine ownership.

Setup more paperdoll shapes and fixed shield backs.

Rudyom's Wand now explodes blackrock. It will also explode blackrock when wielded as a weapon in combat mode and double click on the blackrock.

Abbey doors open and close, but still don't work properly. They are usable. They can't be locked, the left door gets partially obscured by the wall when open, and there is a tiny area where you can't walk when it is open.

Rat face cage opens and closes.

Silverleaf can be eaten.

FoV firepit works with SI bellows (animation and SFX) although it can't forge anything and NPCs can't use the blacksmith schedule with it.

Invisibility dust works.

Venom can be consumed although it will be awhile until I add the effects of withdrawal. Right now it just adds 5 to STR, DEX, and INT.

Flaming oil now works properly. Instead of someone saying that you should attack with it when you double click it a target cursor will appear and the target will receive the flaming joy.

Guillotine works now. Instead of having to double click it several times to raise it. It is done with one double click.

Horn, lyre, music box, and mysterious craft now play music when you double click them.

The sealed box and unsealed box work properly. I have added a new feature where you can reseal the box using green or red wax. There is a new green sealed box graphic to support this. If you have both colors in your backpack, it will seal the box as the red color. Each time a box is sealed, it consumes one wax item from party inventory.

Kite flys. Instead of the Avatar having to walk to it. It teleports to him instead. (more fun than the original, but still not that great.)

The fountain works. It has the same values as the SI equivalent.

Strength tester works, alas the Avatar is still too lazy to walk over to items to use them. It isn't setup with the NPC who gives you a dragon.

Mining machine turns and makes noise. I still need to implement the conveyor belt moving at the same time and mineral creation.

Gremlins now steal your food and eat it in front of you while they pummel you.

Pick axe now allows you to mine lead and iron chunks by double clicking the axe and targeting them or striking them in attack mode. The axe must be in your hand while attempting this.

Smoke bomb emits smoke, but doesn't make bees flee.

FoV well now works. In getting it to work, It caused a small bug where the bucket needs to be clicked twice on most targets. I don't know how to fix this and have the well function. Avatar doesn't walk up to the well to turn it and the filled bucket goes into his backpack.

The large sand tiles (chunk size) can't be properly used until Exult Studio and/or Exult get changed to allow tile sizes larger that 8x8x7. They need to be set to 16x16x0.

Puppet show works now. It isn't setup with the NPC who takes your gold.

*** Corrections ***

Firedoom staff really did work. I forgot to check the quality when I tested it.

Ring of protection didn't seem to add protection status in the original. From testing, it happened in older Exult versions of BG, but it doesn't seem to happen in recent ones. It is already really powerful since you can wear another ring and gloves as well. I am leaving it as is.

The Ancient One
Come potete leggere sul Phorum di Exult, i lavori sono stati sospesi per un pò, perché:

I took a long break partly because of that and the fact that trying to balance the classes somewhat is a pain since Ultima 7's stats are way different than 6 (and even more so than previous versions) and the Avatar wasn't penalized in magical ability when not being a mage for some reason. Sorry for taking so long to respond.

Riprenderanno? biggrin.gif
The Ancient One
Interessantissima novità! n5.gif

SI BG Merge viene pubblicato per la prima volta sotto forma di mod per U7p2.
Con un'interessante novità:
Setup fortue teller sequence that will choose what class the Avatar will have. The Avatar walks into the wagon, but the walk can be interrupted. The sequence will still finish reguardless. It is setup to start the SI boat dropping sequence after completion. The boat drop sequence is buggy as to where the camera starts at and Avatar rendering.

Devo ancora provare... ammetto di essere molto curioso! n5.gif

*** SI BG Merge Version 6.7 2007, 11, 1 ***

SI BG Merge is now setup as a mod.The "mods" folder gets copied into your Serpent Isle directory.

Setup fortue teller sequence that will choose what class the Avatar will have. The Avatar walks into the wagon, but the walk can be interrupted. The sequence will still finish reguardless. It is setup to start the SI boat dropping sequence after completion. The boat drop sequence is buggy as to where the camera starts at and Avatar rendering.

BG Spell book, spells, and the new spellcasting system are in more detail in the file Spellbook.txt. The spellbook has an error once in awhile with spells that require a target. The text and pictures don't close so you might not be able to see someone to target.

Generic PC settings are setup for Dupre, Iolo, Jaana, Julia, Katrina, Laurianna, Mariah, Sentri, Shamino, Sherry, Spark, Trellek, and Tseramed. They are there mostly so they can join the party.
Somewhat more inclusive conversation trees for Tseramed modified from an old draft by Wizardry Dragon.
The PCs aren't setup due to the fact that the usecode for the npcs changes after I reload. It should work whenever the usecode gets upgraded to the current version.

A bug with ES was fixed so that I could finally save only the modified and added shapes (at the cost of reimporting every shape) so file size has been dramatically reduced.

New keymapping has been added. Ctrl-M is overwritten to display the BG cloth map. Alt-B is the BG spellbook.

Integrated Marzo's Spell fixes (from SI Fixes mod) minus the Serpent Bond exploit fix.

Telescope works.

Blackrock exploding is broken since the compiler used is old and the intrinsic changed.

*** Corrections ***

Removed invisibility dust since I found out it was listed under sleeping powder already.

Last release didn't have written copyright on several source files.
The Ancient One
Ho finalmente provato questa nuova versione del mod.

Ovviamente gran parte del mod è "invisibile" e servirà per sviluppare altri mod in futuro.
Invece la parte giocabile, quella della zingara che vi pone le domande, è ben fatta anche se effettivamente per ora aggiunge ben poco al gioco!

Uno screenshot:

Clicca per vedere l'allegato
The Ancient One
Aggiornato il mod, sempre più completo:

*** SI BG Merge Version 6.8 2008, 9, 14 ***

bodies.txt, shapes.vga,Added blank frame to beginning of bodyshape now that Exult needs it and updated frame numbers

Removed normal scroll text that was on magic scroll shape and replaced it with scrolls that can have spells cast from them and/or be added to the spellbook

Added 2 spellbook classes (quality 5 and 6) (based off of Marzo's keyring) that can use the magic scrolls. Added reagent counting function to the spellbook

shape_info.txt, Added dehardcoded invisibily casting, cold immunity, food drop, etc to a few shapes

Fixed combatibility issue with Energy Mist shape (1348)

Checked equipment of added monsters and updated if needed

Fixed Magic Storm attacking party members other than the Avatar when they casted the spell.

Smoke bombs now make bees flee.

Giant bones now produce ammo

Improved code in various

Abbey doors now work properly bug need sfx

Fixed a lot of new compiler warnings.

Ask what wax to use when sealing a box if more than one type

made it so you can fill troughs

fixed double target bug with bucket (shape 825)

added a new fire frame and wrote code to make put out fire not have surrounding stones disappear

fix ore shapes

made BG party members npcs

probably several more not noted


Quality 255 uses the Original SI spellbook data and can transcribe and dump scrolls.
Quality 5 and 6 store seperate data and can use the new magic scroll shapes to add spells
Quality 0 and one use the same global flags.
Quality 2 and 3 use the same global flags.
Quality 4 is a full spellbook.

Magic scroll:

Qualities 0 through 84 only Add to spellbook unless over HighestSpellbookQuality ie over Time stop,
Qualities 85 through 170 only Cast from the scroll.
Qualities 170 through 255 Add to spellbook unless over HighestSpellbookQuality + 170 ie Time stop and Cast from the scroll.
Questa è la versione 'lo-fi' del forum. Per visualizzare la versione completa con molte più informazioni, formattazione ed immagini, per favore clicca qui.
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