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> Tales of Jayvin
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SPAMFASTIC STUDIOS is proud to present.

The Story:
Jayvin an unlikely hero, if every there was one, stumbles into a portal and finds himself in the land of Naturnum.
Unbeknown to him, his arrival has been expected.
Evil forces, commanded by the Dark Lord, Arachemon, are wreaking havoc across the Universe.
Only Jayvin has the power to fight these forces and put an end to Arachemon's reign of terror.

Vincent Cortese - Game concept and Programming.
RetroJay - All in game art, programming, graphics and sound effects.
Barbwire - Dialogs, stories, poems and additional game ideas.
RetroLee - "One" story, additional game ideas and sound effects.
Daniel Kobylarz- All in game music.

Game Information:
Genre: RPG/Adventure/Puzzle Solving
Engine: AGS 3.2.1.
Resolution: 640X400.
Colour Depth: 32-bit colours.
Graphics Driver: Direct Draw 5.
Controls: Keyboard and Game-pad support. Game-pad controls are fully re-definable within the game menu.
Operating System: Windows.

Released the soundtrack at:

And all of the other streaming services.

Download Tales of Jayvin!

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